Founded in the late 1970s by Claude Dostie and his wife Thérèse, the company initially offered a truck mechanic service. It is in this context that Mario, son of the couple, joined the company to give a helping hand to the family.

After years of sustained growth, the recession of the 1980s forces the organization to diversify its offer. Thus, it turns to repair and the sale and maintenance of forklifts. Obliged to take training to obtain this different expertise, the team takes up the challenge with brilliance.

Years pass and the family continues to grow, allowing Carolle, Mario’s spouse, to join the company. She will be followed by their son, Patrick, who also decides to help. Dostie Spécialités continues to grow by welcoming a sales team as well as a maintenance squad composed of expert technicians to offer the best maintenance and repair service on the market.

In the year 2000, it is the time of the retirement for Claude Dostie and the succession is assured by his son Mario. Under his supervision, the company continues to grow greatly by becoming the custodian of prestigious brands such as Genie, Loadlifter, Unicarriers, Heli, Flexi and Navigator.

Today, it is a multi-generational family business with an exceptional team. Thanks to it, Dostie Spécialités can offer the best service ever, day after day.